AED's and Resuscitation

Guedel Airway Kit (40 - 110 mm), In Plastic Case, 8/Set #17579

$ 20.00 CAD

Product Description

  • Oropharyngeal devices used on unconscious patients to maintain an airway, suction fluids and depress the victim's tongue to prevent airway blockage
  • Manufactured from medical-grade plastic with contoured edges
  • Bite locks are colour-coded for quick identification according to universally established standards

Ambu Spur II Resuscitator, Adult #17701

$ 46.00 CAD

Product Description

  • Provides safe and effective artificial ventilation during respiratory arrest.
  • Portable bag-valve-mask resuscitator for use with or without supplemental oxygen.
  • Pressure limiting valve prevents over-inflation.
  • Integrated handle for user comfort and uniform compression.
  • Easy to grip surface ensures secure handling and optimum stroke volumes with just one hand.
  • Standard 15/22 mm patient connector allows direct connection to common devices.
  • Complete with a reservoir bag

V-Vac, Suction Starter Kit #17370

$ 182.00 CAD

Product Description

  • Portable emergency unit for suctioning fluids and vomit from the patient's airway
  • Intake valve is designed to minimize the risk of clogging problems, back-flow of suctioned matter, tube occlusion (blockage) and soft tissue injury
  • Small and lightweight; offers one-handed operation
  • Replacement cartridges available (Item 17372)
  • Each kit contains:
    - 1 handle
    - 2 cartridges
    - 1 catheter adapter
    - 1 suction catheter
    - 1 double male connector

Ambu, Res-Cue Suction Pump


  • Compact and lightweight, small and handy unit, takes up very little space
  • Easy to squeeze, requires extremely little force
  • Adjustable vacuum (100%, adult or 50%, children), wide range of application
  • Fast and powerful, offering superior performance
  • No regular maintenance, low cost operation
  • No special storage conditions, stores easily in most emergency kits
  • Overfill protection, prevents contamination inside the pump/handle and
    eliminates need for flush-through procedures and prevents inconvenient
    exhaust splashing of liquids
  • Disposable collection container, no cleaning/sterilization required