AED's & Resuscitation


Complete Package


ZOLL AED Plus - Complete Package

**CPR rate & depth audio feedback as per Heart & Stroke recommendations, Shock counter, soft case, Pads last 5 years instead of 2.  Lithium batteries 5yr lifespan. Cost savings in accessories compared to other AED's over 10 yes.


Replacement Zoll Plus Pads $190.00


Inspection Tags

Inspection Tag set of 5

Cardiac Science G5 Bilingual Package


Cardiac Science G5 BILINGUAL AED - Complete Package

Philips HeartStart AED Bundle

$ 1595.00 CAD

(1) Philips Heartstart Onsite Defibrilator ( M5066A)   Installed Battery & Defib Pads 
(1) Adult SMART Pads Cartridge (M5071A) - Spare, lasts 2 yrs
(1) Fast Response Kit (68-PCHAT)
(1) Standard Carry Case (M5075A) 
5 year warranty



Alarmed Metal Cabinet

$ 250.00 CAD


Cabinet, Basic Surface Mounted, Bilingual (French & English), for all Defibrillators. 

AED Sign

$ 30.00 CAD

English & French


Battery (lasts 4 yrs installed)

$ 164.00 CAD

4yr Lifespan

Please add Transport Canada Shipping Charge of Dangerous Goods below.

Transport Canada Shipping of Dangerous Goods Charge for

Lithium Batteries    $25.00

This charge is to be added to any purchase of an AED or replacement battery.

Replacement AED Adult Pads (lasts 2 yrs)

$ 64.00 CAD


HeartSine Samaritan

Data cable for bilingual use. Battery & Pad packaged together, 4 yr lifespan. 10 year warranty.  Lowest ownership/maintenance cost over 10 years.  

Available in semi-automatic PAD 350   $1629.00 Package

HeartSine Samaritan 350P - Complete Package

Bilingual AED Round Top Cabinet for Samaritan AED, incl wall sign  $299.00

Standard Square-Top Alarmed Bilingual Cabinet, incl wall sign $199.00


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